Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fake Cake

Today I seen something that I just can’t get out of my brain. While showing a decorated kitchen, the fact came up that the two layer coconut cake with a piece missing was FAKE! I just had to google it. Come to find out there are all kinds of fake cakes out there and just about any other fake food you could imagine. I am no novice to fake wedding cakes as for Corey and Nicole’s reception I made a three tier wedding cake with the bottom two tiers fake. The top of course was saved for the first anniversary (yum—hehe). I did this because what they wanted to serve was a layered cake with strawberry preserves in between the layers and I felt this was the easiest way. But the flood of fake food I have found just makes ones stomach spin. There are the ever favorite potpourri pies. But what would you do with a fake pickle, brownie, or pancake? I love those big cookies that can be decorated and they even have those as fakes. (How disappointing that would be!!) And the fake potatoes, donuts, and sandwiches are on sale. You can get everything from soda pop to canolis. My favorite was the fake layer cakes that are really boxes that gifts can go in. Now that was a cute idea. Takes me back to when Corey graduated. We bought him a laptop and I fitted a box over it and then decorated it as a cake. When he cut into it, he realized he couldn’t. SURPRISE!!!! I digress. Ok back to fake cakes, the weirdest one I found was a sheet cake that said Happy Birthday. Who can tell me why anyone would need a fake birthday cake???????


Cali & Travis said...

My birthday cake better not be fake! LOL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking to purchase an artificial fake cake, here's a good place to start.