Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Third Son

I have three sons, ages 28, 25, 16 (just). The first thing people say (or think) when I tell them that is that the last one MUST have been an accident. If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me that, I'd be rich. I know it seems hard for people to believe but it was actually planned. Well, not really planned to have 10 years between them. It happened like this: We lived in a 987 sq ft house. I said that we had to increase the size of our house before we had another child. It just took us 10 years to do that. We eventually added on 500 sq ft and had Chase. There are several nice things about having such a spread between them. First, instant babysitter with Corey being 13 years older (sorry Corey). Second,Coby got a little of what he gave to Corey. Third, it has been extremely nice having him around after the first two left. Now for the first time ever I have to realize that it won't be too many years until Chase will be leaving and making a life of his own. I know many people of my age relish in the idea of "getting them all gone" but I am not and can't see myself ever being one of those. I enjoy my kids. I am sure that as in all things I will adjust but I am telling all that will read this that I don't have to like it!! Maybe it is "that" birthday that will come this year that has me reflecting on this alot. But truth be known I started thinking about this when Chase turned 14. I cried that day. Speaking of Chase he had a Jazz Band competition today. It was the first performance of the year for Jazz Band. Chase plays Bass Guitar.

The Band did real well and sounded great! I took a video but it is too big to post here. So a pic will have to do.


Corey said...

...and if I had a dollar for every time I had to babysit him (and Coby) during my summer breaks! :)

Cali & Travis said...

Wow, now I feel old. I remember we had just moved to Brazil when you announced you were expecting him! And I definitely remember him as a baby and little kid. Wow!