Friday, February 15, 2008

Bye Bye 2007

I spent so much time sick in '07 that in alot of ways I was glad to see it gone and here it is only 6 weeks into '08 and I am sick again. Well last year I had several wierd illnesses and this time it is a plain old cold. Last year had some high spots though. Corey and his family moved back to Indiana and bought a home in Bloomington which means my 2 grandboys are close. Chase got his eagle in scouting, though just last week we held the court of honor. OH and what an ordeal that was. (I loved it as you all know I love to do these things) He had the court of honor with his best friend Andrew Bowman from a different troop. So I did have help because his mother and I did everything except the program which the boys did. I picked up two large cakes from Sam's (large as in one was actually a double cake). They filled the back of Mom's new Pacifica. I couldn't imagine all that cake being eaten. We used the new hall that Harmony has and it was a very nice place. We filled it. And we had like 8 pieces of cake left. I couldn't believe it. But the whole thing was a huge success and what a proud moment that was.
Yesterday Chase turned 16. I have mixed emotions. I remember large insurance bills, scary nights wondering when they'd be home, wrecks, and a whole lot of prayers during the years that followed the other boys 16 birthday.
Well this is my second attempt at creating on of these. I tried before but never kept up. I think I am at a point I can do better now.

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John Leschorn said...

Hi! I didn't know you had a blog until I ran across your comment on Cali's blog. I've linked mine to yours. Hope to hear from you.