Friday, March 28, 2008

Chase is driving

There are certain points in a son's life that are significant. Some significant to him, others to his Father, and some to his Mother. One of those points become significant to all three but for different reasons....DRIVING! Obviously the son thinks of it as freedom. And I think the Father considers it a right of passage. But for the Mother, it means that boy that she still remembers being so small, is now out on the road along with all the crazy drivers out there!!!! And there are alot of them!!!! I am not one to really worry most of the time but the idea of my son behind the wheel gives me chills. Well lets just say the Lord hears from me alot more now that he's started driving. I know you think that I have been through it before but that was 10 years ago. And actually maybe since I have been through it before makes it worse. Coby got hit from behind and pushed into the car in front. And Corey went under a semi truck! Not to mention the long list of tickets that at least for one still continues (sorry Corey). Coby shows his badge now. UGH...not pretty things to look forward too. I had alot of faith then and prayed alot then also.
Chase got his license on Saturday and has been on spring break this week. He has gone somewhere each day. I am telling you that as a parent, this is a hard one. But as a parent I guess it is also a right of passage.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A wedding, Easter and ends with birthdays

Saturday we went to Sara Greek (Lawson) and John Herrington's wedding at the ward the Herrington go to in Macomb Illinois.
I put this picture of Will's family up so he can grab it from here. What a cutie Ben is.It was especially nice to see all the Herrington's since I don't get to much. I love this pic of Sharon, it looks as if she is up to something which she usually is.
Below is Theresa and David Lawson with their son Jesse. Saturday was also a big day for Chase as he got his license. As for Easter, Nicole was sick and stayed home. And Tristen wasn't feeling well and went to sleep after dinner. Coby had to work and they stayed home. But Papa's Easter Egg hunt went on with Bradley and Chase hunting. Hey...there's money in them there eggs and have you seen gas prices lately?
And Trevor found out what great back rubs Grandpa gives.

So it was a busy weekend. Today is Lindsey's birthday (Happy Birthday!)and tomorrow is Nicole's. And so it goes....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Perfectionist vs Procrastinator

I have been reading a bit about procrastinators and perfectionists. Actually until just recently I thought the two were exact opposites. But after doing some research, brought on by the battle within myself, I have found that perfectionists are most often procrastinators or procrastinators are most often perfectionists. I don't think it matters how I put it.
Let me expand...for a long time I knew there was a part of me that was a perfectionist. The small signs are:
The kitchen cabinets--everything has a place---I have even put hooks on the inside door of my cabinets for my hot pads, my measuring spoons, and my jar grips---then on one of the lower cabinets I have a container attached to the inside of the door where packages go like koolaid, taco seasoning mix, etc.
The clothes closet--I have tops in one place, pants in another, dresses and skirts in another. I have sweaters in a box on the top and one of those plastic drawer things with belts, scarves, etc.
My craft room---Way to much to go into but trust me it's all organized
I have extra plastic baskets downstairs so I don't have to go to the store in order to organize something.
You sorta get the idea. When I clean everything better come clean!!! I know where every nick in my kitchen floor is because I cringed everything I found one.
Now for the procrastination....I am the worse procrastinator I know!!!!!! And I can work around clutter and totally ignore it. I actually get agitated because it got that way. After all, if I clean shouldn't it STAY that way. I think there lies the connection between Per and Pro. There is a huge part of my physic that thinks when I clean, it shouldn't get dirty. What kind of nut am I??? The other thing is I resist getting to it because I feel I have to have the time to get it ALL done. Hence the Per and the Pro. According to what I have read, this is the battle of the perfectionist and a very common battle it is. Just makes me FEEL crazy. There is part of me that doesn't "get" the bit about dishes need done everyday, laundry gets dirty again--maybe not even the same ones. I have memories of organizing the toy closet when I was very young. But truthfully this battle in my head is a real battle.
OH and I forgot to give the other part of getting it all clean. I hate in a big way when one thing is on the counter that isn't suppose to be or one thing gets put on the dining table, or one thing gets put absolutely anywhere. I think that is how things accumulate. I think in my head I just give up picking up and putting everything where I want it. For instance, my sink is dry, my counters are clean and Corey wanted to try grape juice and Certo which is suppose to help arthritis. Frankly I am glad he is ready to try things but I bought the stuff for him and now the Certo is on my counter. That is where he is keeping it. GRRRRR Everytime I see it, it drives me nuts. I did put the grape juice in the fridge.
Believe me I know this is my problem. That's why the research. I am hoping to get over it. I am actually relieved that the Per and the Pro are connected because I have really thought of myself as an anomaly. According to what I have read, there are others like me out there. I love the house all clutterfree and clean. I just have times when items pile up. More than likely my computer desk is going to look like a tornado hit it. I guess this is my way of thinking my way through it. After all understanding is the first step.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Family all Together

Last weekend, all the boys and their families got together at Nan's. Along with Corey & I and Danny and Vicky. These pics are the boys playing around. It went like this: Chase jumped on Coby's lap and then Tristen jumped on Chase's lap. I wonder who put them up to sticking their tongues out? Here is Coby and Lindsey This is Coby and Lindsey's dog Sarge. Yes, he really is that big!
This cutie is Trevor. You can see his dimples. Note the linux t-shirt.
And Corey and Nicole are looking at something cute Tristen has done.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My 100

This if from Cali's blog. This is terribly hard. Let me see if I can get 100 things about myself. (The last 5 were the toughest)

1)I am the oldest child
2)I have three sons
3)I have been married 31 years (to the same man)
4)I have two grandsons
5)I spent most of my high school in Edwards California at Desert High School
6)My biggest pet peeve is drivers who turn in front of you and then go below the speed limit
7)I usually have a chocolate whey and chocolate soy milk smoothie for breakfast
8)I also like the vanilla whey and vanilla soy milk with fruit
9)I wear a diamond ring that used to be a diamond ring of my husband's father's passed down from his father. My husband had the antique diamond taken out of the man's ring and put in a setting that I wear now.
10)I also wear a white gold and platinum ring that was from my husband's grandmother
11)Both of these are on my left hand along with a CTR ring
12)I have a black thumb instead of a green one
13)I wore my wedding dress twice. Once for my civic wedding and once for my temple sealing
14)I was head of the drill team in high school
15)I met my husband in California and five months later, married him in Indiana
16)I met him on June 13, left for Indiana on July 13, He got to Indiana on August 13, and we married on November 13.
17)I made my bridesmaids dresses
18)I talk to my Mother every day
19)I scrapbook
23)Oil Paint
26)I collect Boyd's Bears--plush. I told my husband that if my last baby wasn't a girl, I was going to collect dolls. I decided on Bears instead.
27)I work in the Nursery at church and love the kids
28)I love having flowers sent to me
29)I love to read but mostly read lds books
30)I have never had a broken bone
31)Though I have had lots of stitches
32)I drive a Sebring convertible
33)I have worked in the mortgage industry for 12 years
34)I play Zuma, Bejeweled, Mahjong, and Iggle Pop on the computer
35)I'll have my 50th birthday this year
36)I am currently job hunting
37)I grew my hair long so I could tie it back in the convertible
38)I like to shop at Burlington, The Dress Barn, and Macy's
39)I do flower arranging
40)and cake decorating
41)I have sold both
42)I used to sell Avon
43)My favorite brand of candle is Gold Canyon Candles out of Utah
44)I am a chocoholic
45)My favorite color is peach
46)I have a brother
47)I have 2 half sisters
48)I have lived in Indiana, California, Ohio, & New Jersey
49)I haven't dyed my hair in 10 years
50)and I have no gray
51)I love American History
52)I hate World History
53)I love the tv show Criminal Minds
54)I hate black and white movies
55)I get passionate about shoes
56)I have way to many, at one time 52 pair
57)With a picture of the pair on the front of each box
58)Even though I hate wearing tennis shoes
59)I love skechers
60)I love sandals and wear them into the winter
61)I hate winter
62)I have a shitzu
63)My house has 9 computers that work in it right now and more that don't
64)I love Survivor
65)and American Idol
66)Reba McIntire is my favorite singer
67)I love the Eagles ---even if they went country this year
68)I graduated and got married the same year
69)My favorite movie of all time---tough decision---is "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
70)I love to watch the last dance from Dirty Dancing
71)I hate change
72)I love cheesecake
73)I am on a diet usually 7 months out the year
74)My favorite actor is Keanu Reeves, first realized that in Speed. Couldn't believe he was the same guy that was in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
75)My favorite actresses are Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock
76)I discovered PJ's about 4 years ago. WOW Love them
77)My favorite temple is Chicago but I also love Nauvoo and I love Salt Lake's Uggghhhh guess I don't have one favorite
78)Nauvoo is one of my favorite places to go. I have had alot of great memories of there.
79)My first car was a 68 Chevy Nova--wish I still had it
80)My family room is like a photo gallery (family pics)
81)I hate Las Vegas---not a place for a non drinker, non gambler, non smoker type
82)I wear LOreal Mineral Makeup (thanks Nicole)
83)I have always collected clipart
84)Anne Geddes is great! I love her work
85)I have never seen Gone with the Wind
86)Gladiolus is my favorite flower
87)I have never read, never watch any Harry Potter anything
88)I can't stand anything Japanese dupped with English or subtitled in English
89)I love Diet Dr Pepper with raspberries, or I'll take with cherries
90)When my first son moved out, I made his room a craft room
91)I absolutely love both of my daughter in laws
92)People tell me I don't look as old as I am
93)I don't feel as old as I am
94)I love to hear the australian accent
95)I was involved in Boy Scouts for 12 years (I said I had sons)
96)I like to wear hats
97)I love the ocean though I don't get there much
98)I would rather play tennis than watch it.
99)My Mother and I do our grocery shopping at Walmart in Terre Haute every Saturday. If we need to buy a gift or go somewhere else we do that also. My daughter in law, Lindsey, calls it power shopping. She went with us once and about didn't make it through!
100)I have been so blessed by great family and great friends.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chase, a busy guy

Chase spent the day at Rose Hulman for the Regional Science Fair. At the end of the day, he took a first place medal, a certificate and polo shirt from the Army, a certificate and $50.00 from the something, something of Chemical Science. When they gave him the $50, his eyes lit up big time.
This is Chase with his friend Chris Taylor who won a trophy. The medal on Chase's band jacket is from his Baratone Solo a few weeks back.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 5

Getting Dressed to lace up shoes-
Keeping our sink shining-
Reading 2 minutes of Reminders-
Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom

Are you hearing any of those nagging negative voices popping into your head? I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you hear then I want you to turn those ugly words around and say something nice to yourself to negate the ugly words that they said.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flylady Day 3 & 4

Sorry Erica...Day 3 is a review day

I have done real well so far. I've been keeping my kitchen clean. It really is amazing how just drying the sink makes you want to continue keeping it dry. Who'd a thought! I am new to the dishwasher thing. Never had one. Even as a child, the only time we had one was in California and we were all so busy, noone wanted to wait for it to get done to put away the dishes. Mom's rule, if you do, you put 'em away. So we only used it on holidays. So about a year ago Corey put one in for me. It is a smaller one, we had to take out cabinets in order to fit it. So it has taken this long to get a schedule going for it. But now I run it after supper and empty it in the morning so I can put dirty dishes in it through the day. So I feel in the last 3 days I have accomplished something.

Day 4

Your next thing is to write these things down on a sticky note and post them on your bathroom mirror and above your kitchen sink. This is the beginning of your Control Journal. The little notes help us to remember the habits we are trying to establish
I am a big list maker anyway so this shouldn't be hard.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flylady Day 2

My sink is shining and dry. I keep going back and re-drying it. Now the next step is:
Day 2

I have never been one to follow this since I HATE TO WEAR SHOES and never never wear them in the house. Matter of fact, we all take off our shoes in the mudroom. But I do have a pair of isotoner slippers with a sole that I may be able to follow this with. Specially since it is freezing cold right now and it might even feel comfy. The idea here is that you trick your physic into thinking you need to be doing something since you have your shoes on. Flylady says:
Today I want you get up and get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face too.
In order for us to change ourselves we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Flylady Day 1

Two of my favorite links that I have added are and Years ago when I worked away from the home (I work out of my home now), I was a flylady/messie junkie and my house was great. I had the routine down and my morning routine included a swish and shine, 6 hot spots, and a little additional duty and off I went. I found a great happy medium between the two housekeeping groups. Well, the last 4-5 years I have worked out of my home and my routines immediately fell away. So I am getting back on the horse so to speak and starting at the beginning. (Since starting all at once hasn't worked) Flylady has beginner babysteps and I thought I'd share how I did here. For a little accountability. The first baby step:

Your very first BabyStep is to go shine your sink. Don’t listen to those voices that tell you that is not going to help your messy house. This is exactly where I started and this little habit has changed my life! Take this BabyStep in faith and go do it. Here are the directions for shining your kitchen sink.

After you do this; you will keep it shiny by drying it out after each time you use it and making sure when you go to bed that it is shining so it will make you smile in the morning. This is how I get to hug you each day! That shiny sink is a reflection of the love that you have for yourself.
Our FlyLady system is all about establishing little habits that string together into simple routines to help your day run on automatic pilot. You can do this!

Ok here I go, I am shining my sink!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Special Day

Today was a special day. There are those times that as member of the church we charish. Chase was ordained by his brother Corey to the the priest office of the Aaronic priesthood. I have three sons and I am telling you it never gets old watching them recieve and perform ordinations. I remember the first time Corey and Coby and Chase passed the sacrament and the first time Corey and Coby blessed the sacrament. I look forward to that "first" next week with Chase. It does a Mother's heart good to watch her sons have hands clean enough to perform the ordinances of the gospel. I was thrilled my Mom could be there. I know it meant alot to Chase. For those of you with sons, treasure every time. It's a great thing to see.
We also spent some time Corey and Nicole, Tristen and Trevor. It's always great to see them and play with the kids.
Chase is counting down to getting his license. He says 13 days if you don't count today which is almost over. Lately there have been several little trips to Terre Haute to the scout office or Gander Mountain or such. I look forward to the time when he can drive on his own. (Did I really say that?)
He got a job for the summer at the Camp K as one of their staff. So he is getting his gear in order.