Friday, March 28, 2008

Chase is driving

There are certain points in a son's life that are significant. Some significant to him, others to his Father, and some to his Mother. One of those points become significant to all three but for different reasons....DRIVING! Obviously the son thinks of it as freedom. And I think the Father considers it a right of passage. But for the Mother, it means that boy that she still remembers being so small, is now out on the road along with all the crazy drivers out there!!!! And there are alot of them!!!! I am not one to really worry most of the time but the idea of my son behind the wheel gives me chills. Well lets just say the Lord hears from me alot more now that he's started driving. I know you think that I have been through it before but that was 10 years ago. And actually maybe since I have been through it before makes it worse. Coby got hit from behind and pushed into the car in front. And Corey went under a semi truck! Not to mention the long list of tickets that at least for one still continues (sorry Corey). Coby shows his badge now. UGH...not pretty things to look forward too. I had alot of faith then and prayed alot then also.
Chase got his license on Saturday and has been on spring break this week. He has gone somewhere each day. I am telling you that as a parent, this is a hard one. But as a parent I guess it is also a right of passage.


Darryl and Cindy said...

Like you I think it gets harder with each child,... except for Cody. Don't tell his sisters this but it was such a relief when he started driving because he is such a good and attentive driver compared to some (not all) of his sisters. And he has always been a good driver, even when he was way too young to drive and his brothers-in-Law would let him drive with them. Those sisters probably won't be reading this so I don't think I have much to worry about.

Corey said...

I was NOT going as fast as he claimed I was..

I was going about the speed that he wrote me for, so I can't debate it much.. *sigh*

I leave Indiana for 3 years and never got pulled over for speeding. I'm back for 3 months and I get hit twice. In Brazil. On the same road. Cops need to go bust some druggies or something..

Cathy Shields said...

I still hate it when you guys get a ticket. Hey, I hate it when I do. And I know it is comfort to know that I believe you. We have seen so many people pulled over on 340 lately that we have all slowed down. They have to be targeting it. He must have seen your plates and seen you were from out of state. :)

Guffey Family said...

mom, everyone reads the blogs don't assume a comment is safe anywhere. And if it's how good, great, wonderful ect, ect, Cody is at anything we will all agree just out of principle, as long as you don't make comments about a sister being better at anything, we're cool with Cody being the best and favorite:) After all you had six other kids to practice parenting with before him ;)