Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flylady Day 3 & 4

Sorry Erica...Day 3 is a review day

I have done real well so far. I've been keeping my kitchen clean. It really is amazing how just drying the sink makes you want to continue keeping it dry. Who'd a thought! I am new to the dishwasher thing. Never had one. Even as a child, the only time we had one was in California and we were all so busy, noone wanted to wait for it to get done to put away the dishes. Mom's rule, if you do, you put 'em away. So we only used it on holidays. So about a year ago Corey put one in for me. It is a smaller one, we had to take out cabinets in order to fit it. So it has taken this long to get a schedule going for it. But now I run it after supper and empty it in the morning so I can put dirty dishes in it through the day. So I feel in the last 3 days I have accomplished something.

Day 4

Your next thing is to write these things down on a sticky note and post them on your bathroom mirror and above your kitchen sink. This is the beginning of your Control Journal. The little notes help us to remember the habits we are trying to establish
I am a big list maker anyway so this shouldn't be hard.

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