Friday, March 14, 2008

My 100

This if from Cali's blog. This is terribly hard. Let me see if I can get 100 things about myself. (The last 5 were the toughest)

1)I am the oldest child
2)I have three sons
3)I have been married 31 years (to the same man)
4)I have two grandsons
5)I spent most of my high school in Edwards California at Desert High School
6)My biggest pet peeve is drivers who turn in front of you and then go below the speed limit
7)I usually have a chocolate whey and chocolate soy milk smoothie for breakfast
8)I also like the vanilla whey and vanilla soy milk with fruit
9)I wear a diamond ring that used to be a diamond ring of my husband's father's passed down from his father. My husband had the antique diamond taken out of the man's ring and put in a setting that I wear now.
10)I also wear a white gold and platinum ring that was from my husband's grandmother
11)Both of these are on my left hand along with a CTR ring
12)I have a black thumb instead of a green one
13)I wore my wedding dress twice. Once for my civic wedding and once for my temple sealing
14)I was head of the drill team in high school
15)I met my husband in California and five months later, married him in Indiana
16)I met him on June 13, left for Indiana on July 13, He got to Indiana on August 13, and we married on November 13.
17)I made my bridesmaids dresses
18)I talk to my Mother every day
19)I scrapbook
23)Oil Paint
26)I collect Boyd's Bears--plush. I told my husband that if my last baby wasn't a girl, I was going to collect dolls. I decided on Bears instead.
27)I work in the Nursery at church and love the kids
28)I love having flowers sent to me
29)I love to read but mostly read lds books
30)I have never had a broken bone
31)Though I have had lots of stitches
32)I drive a Sebring convertible
33)I have worked in the mortgage industry for 12 years
34)I play Zuma, Bejeweled, Mahjong, and Iggle Pop on the computer
35)I'll have my 50th birthday this year
36)I am currently job hunting
37)I grew my hair long so I could tie it back in the convertible
38)I like to shop at Burlington, The Dress Barn, and Macy's
39)I do flower arranging
40)and cake decorating
41)I have sold both
42)I used to sell Avon
43)My favorite brand of candle is Gold Canyon Candles out of Utah
44)I am a chocoholic
45)My favorite color is peach
46)I have a brother
47)I have 2 half sisters
48)I have lived in Indiana, California, Ohio, & New Jersey
49)I haven't dyed my hair in 10 years
50)and I have no gray
51)I love American History
52)I hate World History
53)I love the tv show Criminal Minds
54)I hate black and white movies
55)I get passionate about shoes
56)I have way to many, at one time 52 pair
57)With a picture of the pair on the front of each box
58)Even though I hate wearing tennis shoes
59)I love skechers
60)I love sandals and wear them into the winter
61)I hate winter
62)I have a shitzu
63)My house has 9 computers that work in it right now and more that don't
64)I love Survivor
65)and American Idol
66)Reba McIntire is my favorite singer
67)I love the Eagles ---even if they went country this year
68)I graduated and got married the same year
69)My favorite movie of all time---tough decision---is "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
70)I love to watch the last dance from Dirty Dancing
71)I hate change
72)I love cheesecake
73)I am on a diet usually 7 months out the year
74)My favorite actor is Keanu Reeves, first realized that in Speed. Couldn't believe he was the same guy that was in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
75)My favorite actresses are Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock
76)I discovered PJ's about 4 years ago. WOW Love them
77)My favorite temple is Chicago but I also love Nauvoo and I love Salt Lake's Uggghhhh guess I don't have one favorite
78)Nauvoo is one of my favorite places to go. I have had alot of great memories of there.
79)My first car was a 68 Chevy Nova--wish I still had it
80)My family room is like a photo gallery (family pics)
81)I hate Las Vegas---not a place for a non drinker, non gambler, non smoker type
82)I wear LOreal Mineral Makeup (thanks Nicole)
83)I have always collected clipart
84)Anne Geddes is great! I love her work
85)I have never seen Gone with the Wind
86)Gladiolus is my favorite flower
87)I have never read, never watch any Harry Potter anything
88)I can't stand anything Japanese dupped with English or subtitled in English
89)I love Diet Dr Pepper with raspberries, or I'll take with cherries
90)When my first son moved out, I made his room a craft room
91)I absolutely love both of my daughter in laws
92)People tell me I don't look as old as I am
93)I don't feel as old as I am
94)I love to hear the australian accent
95)I was involved in Boy Scouts for 12 years (I said I had sons)
96)I like to wear hats
97)I love the ocean though I don't get there much
98)I would rather play tennis than watch it.
99)My Mother and I do our grocery shopping at Walmart in Terre Haute every Saturday. If we need to buy a gift or go somewhere else we do that also. My daughter in law, Lindsey, calls it power shopping. She went with us once and about didn't make it through!
100)I have been so blessed by great family and great friends.


Cali & Travis said...

That was so fun! Thanks for playing. It's a hard list to compile, but I've enjoyed reading about other people!

Darryl and Cindy said...

I have never seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I thought Keaneu Reeves was famous for his remake of "Babes in Toyland". He sang in that you know.

Darryl and Cindy said...

Great list BTW.

Cathy Shields said...

Never seen Babes in Toyland...another classic I missed.
You wouldn't recognize him in Bill and Ted's (plays a long haired teenager) but I seen him in Speed and wondered who he was. I thought he was excellent in that. Also...Point Break, Sweet November, Matrix, The Lake House, A Walk in the Clouds, The Replacements and more. I'll have to get the Babes movie if he sings in it. He sings a little in A Walk in the Clouds. BTW...that is one good movie. If you haven't seen it. Get it...
And can you believe Patrick Swatze has cancer. I hope he beats it!!

Guffey Family said...

Yeah, I like Patrick Swayze, hope he comes through well also. I liked your list! It's fun to read about other people and get to know them better!

William said...

I am amazed by all the things I did not know about people that I was around so much while growing up.