Thursday, March 20, 2008

Perfectionist vs Procrastinator

I have been reading a bit about procrastinators and perfectionists. Actually until just recently I thought the two were exact opposites. But after doing some research, brought on by the battle within myself, I have found that perfectionists are most often procrastinators or procrastinators are most often perfectionists. I don't think it matters how I put it.
Let me expand...for a long time I knew there was a part of me that was a perfectionist. The small signs are:
The kitchen cabinets--everything has a place---I have even put hooks on the inside door of my cabinets for my hot pads, my measuring spoons, and my jar grips---then on one of the lower cabinets I have a container attached to the inside of the door where packages go like koolaid, taco seasoning mix, etc.
The clothes closet--I have tops in one place, pants in another, dresses and skirts in another. I have sweaters in a box on the top and one of those plastic drawer things with belts, scarves, etc.
My craft room---Way to much to go into but trust me it's all organized
I have extra plastic baskets downstairs so I don't have to go to the store in order to organize something.
You sorta get the idea. When I clean everything better come clean!!! I know where every nick in my kitchen floor is because I cringed everything I found one.
Now for the procrastination....I am the worse procrastinator I know!!!!!! And I can work around clutter and totally ignore it. I actually get agitated because it got that way. After all, if I clean shouldn't it STAY that way. I think there lies the connection between Per and Pro. There is a huge part of my physic that thinks when I clean, it shouldn't get dirty. What kind of nut am I??? The other thing is I resist getting to it because I feel I have to have the time to get it ALL done. Hence the Per and the Pro. According to what I have read, this is the battle of the perfectionist and a very common battle it is. Just makes me FEEL crazy. There is part of me that doesn't "get" the bit about dishes need done everyday, laundry gets dirty again--maybe not even the same ones. I have memories of organizing the toy closet when I was very young. But truthfully this battle in my head is a real battle.
OH and I forgot to give the other part of getting it all clean. I hate in a big way when one thing is on the counter that isn't suppose to be or one thing gets put on the dining table, or one thing gets put absolutely anywhere. I think that is how things accumulate. I think in my head I just give up picking up and putting everything where I want it. For instance, my sink is dry, my counters are clean and Corey wanted to try grape juice and Certo which is suppose to help arthritis. Frankly I am glad he is ready to try things but I bought the stuff for him and now the Certo is on my counter. That is where he is keeping it. GRRRRR Everytime I see it, it drives me nuts. I did put the grape juice in the fridge.
Believe me I know this is my problem. That's why the research. I am hoping to get over it. I am actually relieved that the Per and the Pro are connected because I have really thought of myself as an anomaly. According to what I have read, there are others like me out there. I love the house all clutterfree and clean. I just have times when items pile up. More than likely my computer desk is going to look like a tornado hit it. I guess this is my way of thinking my way through it. After all understanding is the first step.


Cali & Travis said...

Wow, that makes so much sense to me!

leschornmom said...

Welcome to my life...
Of course I've become a lot less of a procratinator than I used to be...Bu things still pile up in my counter because they don't have a I can't put them away.
It drives me insane

Darryl and Cindy said...

Are you my twin??? :-) Now I can tell people I really am a perfectionist..... Well, a procrastinating perfectionist that is. ;-)