Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fake Cake

Today I seen something that I just can’t get out of my brain. While showing a decorated kitchen, the fact came up that the two layer coconut cake with a piece missing was FAKE! I just had to google it. Come to find out there are all kinds of fake cakes out there and just about any other fake food you could imagine. I am no novice to fake wedding cakes as for Corey and Nicole’s reception I made a three tier wedding cake with the bottom two tiers fake. The top of course was saved for the first anniversary (yum—hehe). I did this because what they wanted to serve was a layered cake with strawberry preserves in between the layers and I felt this was the easiest way. But the flood of fake food I have found just makes ones stomach spin. There are the ever favorite potpourri pies. But what would you do with a fake pickle, brownie, or pancake? I love those big cookies that can be decorated and they even have those as fakes. (How disappointing that would be!!) And the fake potatoes, donuts, and sandwiches are on sale. You can get everything from soda pop to canolis. My favorite was the fake layer cakes that are really boxes that gifts can go in. Now that was a cute idea. Takes me back to when Corey graduated. We bought him a laptop and I fitted a box over it and then decorated it as a cake. When he cut into it, he realized he couldn’t. SURPRISE!!!! I digress. Ok back to fake cakes, the weirdest one I found was a sheet cake that said Happy Birthday. Who can tell me why anyone would need a fake birthday cake???????

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well we are slowing down from a busy weekend. To Indy Sat morning for Chase's competition and then to Bloomington to celebrate Corey's birthday. Always glad to see Corey and Nicole and Tristen and Trevor. Both the kids are just the cutest. Tristen is still claiming he is going to be an astronaut and can tell you more than I ever knew about outer space. Sunday found us at the chicken noodle dinner put on by the band boosters. Chase played in concert band and jazz band. I served green beans. This is the only activity on a Sunday and Chase has to participate for a grade. So now it's almost 7:00 pm and the weekend is almost over and I haven't done any grocery shopping. Most of the weekends go by fast but this one went zooming by.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am a "Band Mom"

Last night I worked the concession stand for the basketball game for the band boosters. I really don't mind but somehow I volunteered for last night, tomorrow night and the chicken noodle dinner this weekend. I am not sure how I managed to do that! But oh well it's for the band. And I am a "band mom" now. Chase has been in marching band at Northview for 2 years now. I can't believe how much I love this band thing!! Chase is the first one of my crew in band so I have been loving it. Saturday morning early we go to Indy for Chase to perform in the State Solo/Ensemble competition. He'll be playing his baratone and I've heard his solo, it's a great piece and he plays it well. I'll let you know how it goes but we are expecting a GOLD~

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have a Shitzu named Dandee that we have had for 9 years. Suddenly she is doing all kinds of things that drive me crazy. First...she has decided she likes soda pop. Everytime I have a drink she does everything possible to get to it. Second...she has a thing about our new dishwasher and she won't go across the kitchen while it is going. Worse, she won't go across the kitchen floor period now unless someone is with her. So she sits at one side of the kitchen and barks until someone comes to go with her across. Third...she has a nasty habit of going under our couch and sometimes getting stuck. Since our couch has an alarm clock, phone, vibration, recliners, and sleeping sofa; there is alot of stuff under there for her to get into. I put the other recliner down to get the phone the other day and when I got back I seen this tail sticking out from underneath. Now nowhere is safe from her.

Book Club

Somewhere around three years ago, we started a Deseret Book Club. I can count the number of times I have missed it on two fingers. I had a collection of lds books and I had started to read most of them. The trouble is that I would get distracted or disinterested. With the book club, I have read at least a book a month and sometimes more. I find it so easy now and also rewarding. I have read some books that have touched my heart (or head) greatly. I told Corey that book club has done so much for our marriage. So this month we are reading a book called "21 Days Closer to Christ" by Emily Freeman and paintings by Simon Dewey. Wonderful book. You have about 2-3 pages to read each day and then something to reflect on each day for 21 days. The paintings in the book are beautiful.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Third Son

I have three sons, ages 28, 25, 16 (just). The first thing people say (or think) when I tell them that is that the last one MUST have been an accident. If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me that, I'd be rich. I know it seems hard for people to believe but it was actually planned. Well, not really planned to have 10 years between them. It happened like this: We lived in a 987 sq ft house. I said that we had to increase the size of our house before we had another child. It just took us 10 years to do that. We eventually added on 500 sq ft and had Chase. There are several nice things about having such a spread between them. First, instant babysitter with Corey being 13 years older (sorry Corey). Second,Coby got a little of what he gave to Corey. Third, it has been extremely nice having him around after the first two left. Now for the first time ever I have to realize that it won't be too many years until Chase will be leaving and making a life of his own. I know many people of my age relish in the idea of "getting them all gone" but I am not and can't see myself ever being one of those. I enjoy my kids. I am sure that as in all things I will adjust but I am telling all that will read this that I don't have to like it!! Maybe it is "that" birthday that will come this year that has me reflecting on this alot. But truth be known I started thinking about this when Chase turned 14. I cried that day. Speaking of Chase he had a Jazz Band competition today. It was the first performance of the year for Jazz Band. Chase plays Bass Guitar.

The Band did real well and sounded great! I took a video but it is too big to post here. So a pic will have to do.

Friday, February 15, 2008


My church calling right now is in the Nursery. I have had a few trying times in there but mostly it has been very rewarding. We had 11 children before the end of the year where we lost most of the older ones to the Sunbeam class. Now we have majority two or younger in our nursery and it has been a whole new class. The first thing we learned is that anything we do these little ones can do faster than the older ones. IE: coloring--what took a while for the older ones to do using different colors of crayons, only takes the littler ones a moment to swipe the page with a color. So we adjust. We also learned that just about anything occupys these guys, even sitting on the table and waiting for parents. As little as they are though, they get across what they want to do. One little one that isn't old enough to talk yet, went over to the open space and held his hand out for ring around the rosy. We caught on. We go on a "reverence train" to teach them how walk in the chapel. I have to admit that I miss interacting with the sisters but I am learning that there is a time and place for everything. The best thing we can do is to enjoy the time we are in. For those that went to time out.....I guess I am getting comfortable in these pair of shoes!

Bye Bye 2007

I spent so much time sick in '07 that in alot of ways I was glad to see it gone and here it is only 6 weeks into '08 and I am sick again. Well last year I had several wierd illnesses and this time it is a plain old cold. Last year had some high spots though. Corey and his family moved back to Indiana and bought a home in Bloomington which means my 2 grandboys are close. Chase got his eagle in scouting, though just last week we held the court of honor. OH and what an ordeal that was. (I loved it as you all know I love to do these things) He had the court of honor with his best friend Andrew Bowman from a different troop. So I did have help because his mother and I did everything except the program which the boys did. I picked up two large cakes from Sam's (large as in one was actually a double cake). They filled the back of Mom's new Pacifica. I couldn't imagine all that cake being eaten. We used the new hall that Harmony has and it was a very nice place. We filled it. And we had like 8 pieces of cake left. I couldn't believe it. But the whole thing was a huge success and what a proud moment that was.
Yesterday Chase turned 16. I have mixed emotions. I remember large insurance bills, scary nights wondering when they'd be home, wrecks, and a whole lot of prayers during the years that followed the other boys 16 birthday.
Well this is my second attempt at creating on of these. I tried before but never kept up. I think I am at a point I can do better now.