Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have a Shitzu named Dandee that we have had for 9 years. Suddenly she is doing all kinds of things that drive me crazy. First...she has decided she likes soda pop. Everytime I have a drink she does everything possible to get to it. Second...she has a thing about our new dishwasher and she won't go across the kitchen while it is going. Worse, she won't go across the kitchen floor period now unless someone is with her. So she sits at one side of the kitchen and barks until someone comes to go with her across. Third...she has a nasty habit of going under our couch and sometimes getting stuck. Since our couch has an alarm clock, phone, vibration, recliners, and sleeping sofa; there is alot of stuff under there for her to get into. I put the other recliner down to get the phone the other day and when I got back I seen this tail sticking out from underneath. Now nowhere is safe from her.

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Cali & Travis said...

Sounds like she's getting paranoid in her old age. LOL!