Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Past Weekends

Memorial Day weekend started with a long list of To Do's and ended with a somewhat shorter list. Even when it is 3 days, it just doesn't seem long enough. But I have some pics to share from the weekend before when Corey went to New York so Nicole and the kids come to Nan's for the day.

Papa brought out this old hotwheels track and when Chase got there, he added stuff to it. The funniest was when Trevor would get on the track, Tristen would say "There's a baby on the track"
The boys always like playing with Uncle Chase. And Trevor always lights up when he sees him.
Even though his head is chopped off here....(Did Nan take this?)....I wanted to put it up so you could see his fingers. Tristen is alway manipulating his fingers for one reason or another. Sometimes he is acting out a scene of Oobi or something. In this instance he is counting to 100 and I think keeping track of the 10's. He counted to 100 by 5's, by 10s, and then by 1's which is what he is doing here. Tristen can also add single digits.
This is from a couple of weekends before.
And then here is Mr Personality himself.


Coby Shields said...

I love that last Pic, Trevor is either posing for a hot chick who just entered the room or taking a huge deuce in his pants.

That hotwheels track brings back ALOT of good memories from Nan and Papa's

Cali & Travis said...

I can't wait to see all of you guys this summer!

wls513 said...

Hey Cathy, I did it! :) Love your pictues and your coments always. Now I will give you some comments.

Cathy Shields said...

Cool Mom!!! Glad you are on board!