Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mr & Mrs Martin Meddles

I wish I had pics to share but since I sit here in Indiana and they spent the day in Florida getting hitched, the best I can do is offer warm wonderful wishes to the first of the Meddles Three to get married. Marty and Jen (since two Jenny's are too confusing) were married today with family present. I have met Jen and she is a great person. I think they will do great together. What I know now is that they are staying in Evansville for now where they both have jobs.

On a sad note....for those that don't know.....Larry's Dad passed away very early in the morning on Sat, the same day they were flying out to Florida. I am sure all their emotions are running high right now. His funeral won't be until Monday June 9 at Debaun Funeral Home. Please keep the family in your prayers.


wls513 said...

Really sorry for Larry and family. It was good that he had Marty and Jen's wedding to attend, I'm sure this will help to spend time with those he loves so much.

Coby Shields said...

Is nan going to get a blog going?

wls513 said...

Nope don't think so. I just wanted to give you my opinion once in awhile.