Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the Life Chase Leads

I mentioned in another post that Chase is working out at Camp K this summer. He has to live out there in a tent and he gets to come home around 10:00 am on Saturday until 11:00 am on Sunday. Family was invited out for an evening meal the first week. So I snapped these pics of the flag ceremony. They also do this in the morning to raise the flag. I should have gotten more pics but after dinner there was a threat of a storm so we didn't stick around long. Chase is working at the waterfront and teaching the swimming merit badge. This is his second week and he'll be finished July 20th.

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wls513 said...

Great pictures! You had one more that actually showed Chase smiling. :) We are so very proud of this young man. He is growing up much to fast. Do you realize this is my last Grandson to be growing through the stages. He is a pure joy, and we love him and are so very proud of him.