Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where is the ARK???

Most of Indiana was hit with major rain into our already saturated ground through Friday night. We all woke up to much rain and water everywhere on Saturday. Most people have not lived long enough to have seen floods like we just had this weekend. Brazil was "shut down", Clinton was declared a disaster area, Terre Haute not only had roads, yards, basements and houses flooded but they had some roads collapse. I70 near the Putnamville exit collapsed and now we have all the traffic in Brazil. You can check out the paper at or for pics etc. We met at the 9:00 am time frame with the other ward today and only had sacrament and then we had an emergency meeting discussing everyones needs. We have at least one family that has lost everything because water was up to the roof. They even lost their car and was evacuated by the fire department. This was a whole area that had homes completely flooded. Other families have water in their houses, especially basements. One had his driveway wash away and now can't get into his house which is about 1/2 mile off the street anyway. I have water in my basement and have started the process of eliminating it. Bloomington got hit hard also but all is well at Corey's. Muncie didn't get it quite so bad but they got it and again Coby and Lindsey are fine. Luckily Chase was home that night. For those that don't know....Chase is working out at the boyscout camp, Camp K and is living out there, in a tent, until July 20. The time home he gets is after 10:00 am on Sat until 11:00 on Sunday. (He'll be going to the other wards sacrament during this) Anyway last week was a staff work week and he got to come home on Friday night so he was tucked in during the storm. This isn't saying that he didn't spend several other nights/days throughout last week in storms, as I said the ground is saturated. He is doing waterfront.


Coby Shields said...

I have seen some pics that some of my friends around Brazil have put online. You definitely got a much worse storm than we did. Our power went out today at 3PM. I don't understand. We had some storms going through all weekend, now it's sunny and our power goes out for an hour (found out a transformer blew). It's back on now. Hope everyone is doing well in the wabash valley.

Cathy Shields said...

We have two families that lost everything for sure now. I hope I was clear that I meant our ward when I said "we". The community has several people that lost it all.

Stephanie H. said...

I am currently visiting in Indiana for a week and got to see first-hand some of the local flooding. My parents in Greenwood, IN checked the basement at 11 am Sat. morning and it was dry. In less than an hour we had 1 inch of standing water and were racing to clean it up. most of it was caused by the sump pump not being able to keep up with the downpour. Luckily they were prepared with a submersible pump, 2 shop vacs, and a carpet cleaner to suck the water up out of the carpet. We count our blessings and realize that so many others were hit harder.