Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in the day

This is one of very few pics of Corey and I before we got married. NO.................................the reason isn't the unavailablity of photography (I so know how my kids think). The real reason is because we spent a very short time with each other before we got married. This was in California during the first month we met. Actually it had to be toward the end of the first month we met because he had his arm around me and he didn't do that for the first 3 weeks. I had decided I needed a break from my on again off again fiancee here in Indiana so after high school I went to visit family in California. The first night there, I met Corey. It was June 13. We had 2 official dates. My stay in California ended on July 13 as we left California to drive back to Indiana. Corey gave me a single rose signifying his love for me. I tried my best to keep it during the trip and ended up putting it in the cooler. There was some milk in the cooler also and it spilled. So Pat the only adult on the trip dupped my rose a "milk weed" since it spent its trip in milk. Corey told me he would be in Indiana as soon as he had saved enough money. At this point I was a sceptic. I had had promises before and wondered if I would ever see him again. I spoke to him on the phone twice before he arrived in Indiana on Aug 13 when I happened to be in Pennsyvania visiting family. He spent time at a local hang out trying to find someone that knew me and finally ran into someone that knew my cousin. From my Aunt he got the number of my Grandmother I was staying with. He called me in PA at 2:00am but we were still up having a going away party since we were leaving the next day. We returned the next day and before that day was over Corey and I were engaged. We were married November 13, 1976. I have left alot out of this story because so much happened in the month I spent in California and so much happened the night we were engaged and so much happened in the 3 months before the wedding. And as all of you know so much has happened since. But I was going through pics and found this one. Even though it is really poor quality (ok that is because of the photographic quality of the day) I love it. I love thinking of those times. Corey and I were just saying yesterday how we have so many cute little memories that make each other laugh.


Cathy Shields said...

I have been thinking about this and I think it was the next night after getting home from PA that we became engaged. I know it was on a Sunday and Corey asked for my hand the following Wednesday. Mom's reaction was that she expected it. She said a guy didn't come 2000 miles if he didn't love me.

Cali & Travis said...

I loved seeing this picture. Wow!