Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I had a great Mothers Day!!! Chase surprised me with a red rose with baby's breath and a card that had his voice recorded in it. Wow that made me cry. Then we headed to Mom's for chicken and noodles, yummy and its not even Thanksgiving or Christmas (when we usually get chicken and noodles). It was a great dinner. Coby was on the phone when I got there so I got to talk to him a while. Corey called later and I also talked to the kids. Trevor babbled something and Tristen talked and talked. He talked more to me on the phone yesterday than he ever has. When I am with Tristen I always try to sit down with him and chat about his life. I guess I want him to know even now that he can talk to me and I will always listen (not at all saying his parents wont).
Another big surprise and more tears came from my Mother. Actually as I was showing Corey my gift from her I cried and cried. First because she was so thoughtful about this and second because it was the last work of Gordon B Hinckley. It's a book called "My Dear Sisters". Mom knows how much I love to read and she really surprised me with this. I admire my Mom so much. She has love abounding. I am grateful I have such a good relationship with her and I am grateful that we get to spend so much time together, most of it is shopping but hey.....that's great too.
I hope everyone spent a great Mother's Day and not one mother had to do dishes!!

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