Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Great Day

Since until recently Corey and his family lived 2000+ miles away from us, it doesn't take much of an excuse to get together now. Coby & Lindsey (and Sarge) came to town for a friends graduation and was able to come for lunch at Nan's. Corey and his family came from Bloomington and my brother Danny and his wife came in from Parke County. Coby has a four day weekend once every 4 weeks and we take an opportunity to see him and Lindsey when we can get it. (I use the term 4 day weekend loosly as he works alot of his days off and even had to work yesterday before coming to Brazil)

Anyway....I am always ready with my camera and ended up taking 50 (yes 50) pics in under 3 hours. One day they will thank me. Uncle Chase made a happy Trevor as he took him swinging.

I must say that no matter when and yes even how we all descend on Nan, she always has something yummy for our tummies. Nan we really do appreciate it.

Sarge got a summer cut or in other words, he got shaved. He looks like a different dog completely.
It turned out to be a real nice day which was great since the kids love being outside so much. Tristen helped Grandpa opened some belated birthday presents just so we could listen to Tristen ewww and ahhh over boxes and clothes and cds again. (See the post about Nicole Birthday if this is news to you) Tristen has a youthful excitement about EVERYTHING that is just joyful to watch.

Sorry this is so chopped up but I had to insert most of these pics three times and it is staying the way it is.


Darryl and Cindy said...

I cannot tell you how homesick these pictures made me for Indiana! Boy, how I miss it!

There is no green like that in Idaho or Morocco!

Cathy Shields said...

I get it. And as you remember everything seems ugly from winter and then it seems like magic one day when you get up and everything is green. Our grass is growing so fast it needs mowed more than once a week.

Coby Shields said...

Sarge looks goofy with his summer cut

Cathy Shields said...

Sarge looks goofy all the time. He's like a huge puppy that wants to jump in your lap and lick your face