Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Job

Well it's been six weeks or so searching mightily for a new job. The mortgage industry has changed so much that I am READY TO RUN. So Tuesday I found a job working as a bookkeeper at Forsyth Brothers. Unfortunately the company had a previous employee that not only did not do a very good job but also stole money. He worked there a year and paid no taxes for the 5 companies this place runs. I started on Wednesday and have been so busy. This is the first job in about 8 years that I won't be working from home. This will be an adjustment. Other than missing the freedom that gave me, I think I'll be ok.
Also it was very important that I took the job that The Lord wanted me to have. I once took a job that I had prayed about and felt awful afterwards. The owner stole my insurance premiums of $1000.00 a month. Anyway, I won't do that again. So it is interesting to tell how I got this job.
I applied through email (as instructed) to this job the very first day I started looking. Several weeks later I was discouraged and was going over some of the many places I had applied, when I mentioned this place. Corey (husband, not son) encouraged me to be proactive and call them. I thought I recognized the name of the person I had to apply to from the mortgage industry. So I called him, he was the guy, and he said to come in that day for an interview. He said that he had gotten 200 replies to the ad and that he had interviewed a few but he wasn't going back through all those resumes. I had brought a hard copy so he didn't have to go hunting for mine. I left and this felt really good. He sounded as if he was going to hire me. Then several more weeks and I called back and they had hired someone else. Then on Monday I got a call from the owner who had found my resume. (see The Lord's hand in this) He wanted to interview me but this time for the position of the guy that had first interviewed me. When I went on Tuesday and found the mess they are in of course, I started the next day. I am happy to be productive again. I was so ready to get out of mortgage. It will also be great to be away from commission and actually be able to budget.


Cali & Travis said...

congratulations! That's very exciting!

leschornmom said...

We've learned our lesson (more than once) about following the Lords instruction! I hope we never have to do that again.
Congrats to you on your new job and good luck straitening every thing out!

Darryl and Cindy said...

Good luck on your new Job!!! Hope you can straighten everything out for your boss.