Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lovin' my grandkids

I spent most of the day at Corey and Nicole's while they put up a wooden swing set. I played with the kids most of the time. Though posting all the reasons I love my grandkids would be impossible, I had to list a few.
Things I love about Tristen (age 4):
The way he spreads his arms out and comes running to greet me.
The gift he gave me which was a printed picture of himself with his name hand printed above it and "I love you" hand printed below it. And he had done it all--all by himself.
The excitement he showed when he got the new shirt I took him from Nan.
The way he wouldn't let me help him when he spilled his bowl of fish on the couch. He's so independent and told me "No I'll get it, I'll get it"
The way he says "cheese" everytime I point a camera at him
The fact that he told me he didn't like otters
The fact that he has had to of thought about otters to know he doesn't like them
The way he wanted to watch a documentary about the universe.
And how excited he got when they showed the milky way.
The patience he shows his little brother
How much he has taught me about the planets
The way he draws all the solar system including details on all the planets
The way he sat and chatted with me instead of taking his Dad up on a ride on the mower
Things I love about Trevor (age 1)
The way he'll aways smile if I smile at him
The way I can get him to laugh by just laughing myself
The way we play peek a boo with his blanket
That he still falls asleep on my shoulder
The way he gives me a kiss
The way he puts the ball over his head to throw it but never really throws it, he walks up to me so I can take it
The way he chases bubbles
The way he loves to be twirled around
The way he jabbers....I wish I knew what he was saying
How his little legs look as he is climbing up on the couch
The way he says "two, whee" as you throw him on the couch
The way he walked out of his pants (don't ask me how he did that...I looked at him and his pants were down past the diaper and as he walked, he walked them right off)
The way he runs faster if you pat your legs like your chasing him real fast

Other things I love about today:
The fact that my husband let me fix grilled cheese for supper
The fact that Coby calls when I am wondering about him
The fact that Corey and Nicole would spend a whole day putting up a swing set for their kids


leschornmom said...

Thank you for the smiles you gave me... You don't know what it means!

Cali & Travis said...

Very cute boys!

Darryl and Cindy said...

This is a wonderful post! And your grandkids are Cute!