Friday, April 25, 2008

My Week in Review

I wrote a post two days ago and lost it as the blog wasn't available. I had no energy to rewrite it. It's early morning and I thought I'd try it now.
My job is so intense...mentally. I can count on nothing being correct in the computer. I went through 15 months of bank statements trying to reconcile one account. And it is near impossible. Stuff isn't in the computer or is in the computer and not in the statements. He wrote checks in 08 and dated them 07. Did I mention there are 5 companies? And to make more confusion some companies share a bank account. One company is in Illinois which means a whole new set of taxes. I come home and I am so tired. I usually am asleep by 9 which is something for a midnight girl. I am hopeful that this will change when I get things paid up and organized.
Well enough of that. Oh wait nothing else is happening here!!!!
It has suddenly warmed up. The day before yesterday I had my top down. It wasn't the first time this year but it was the first time I didn't have the heat on also.
And they tricked Ozzie on Suvivor. I couldn't believe it. I wanted him to win but then when he walked to the jury and gave them the finger this week I was glad he wasn't going to win. Sore loser. But truth is that now one of those women that didn't really deserve it will win and it sorta is anticlimatic. Of all the women I'd like Ceir (sp) to win it.
And today is the first day in 8 years I get a paycheck paid hourly instead of commission. I hope that isn't anticlimatic also.

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