Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas 2008

These pics are backwards and I am leaving them like that. We had a great Christmas. It was really special to have all the boys and their families there. As you can see we all had a good time and got lots of nice presents. We had a great meal as always....thanks Nan.
Here's my three sons laughing together, trying to figure out one of Tristen's toys.

Trevor and Grandpa.

Chase got a new camera among other things.

Papa got a new leaf blower well, its more like a leaf vacuum.

Chase was very pleased when he found he had all the pieces he needed to make a new computer.
Tristen began worrying because he hadn't opened his telescope yet and he had told Santa he wanted it. So here you see a sigh of relief when he finally got too it. He even kissed the box he was so happy. I think him and his Dad are star gazing tonight. You may think that it is a hefty gift for a four year old and you'd be right. But Tristen isn't any four year old. Tristen has had a fascination for the planets and stars since he was first able to talk. He can tell you the planets in order, including the names of the moons around them. (I didn't even know they had moons with names) He can tell you all about the solar system. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. I'll put nothing past him. Beside the telescope, he wanted a toy space shuttle (which according to him is his favorite space vehicle) and an astronaut helmet.

Corey got a new flat screen monitor from Nan and Papa and the fun thing was he got me a new flat screen monitor. Surprise.

Trevor and Daddy.

This shows Papa, Nan, my brother Danny and Sarge, Coby's dog.

Nan got a beautiful diamond necklace from Papa.

Tristen opens his toy space shuttle that he got from me and Grandpa.

Trevor got a new Cadallac Escalade.

Corey, Lindsey, and Coby.

My boys having fun together.

Coby got saddlebags for his Harley.

Opening gifts.

Trevor helps

Nicole is showing off her two boys but Tristen is showing off his space shuttle he found in his stocking.

Trevor down playing with Coby.

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Cali and Travis said...

Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! I can't believe how big Corey's boys have gotten even just since July!