Sunday, September 21, 2008

A little update....

Well the last few weeks seem to have gone very fast. I seem to have settled down into a work, eat, sleep mode. That seems to be what I do.
Chase has been voted into the position of Grand Chief for his Jaccos Town Lodge - Order of the Arrow. (I hope I got all that right)
In Coby's world, Lindsey got a new 8-5 job with a employment service and is enjoying a regualarly scheduled life.
Corey & Nicole and kids had a bad a storm down their way and ended up without power for a few days. They stayed with Nan & Papa a couple of days.
But before the storm, and I meant right before, I must have left minutes before their power went out, I watched the kids while Corey and Nicole went out. Of course I took my camera and this time a couple of things happened. First, Trevor discovered my camera and that it kept pictures in it so when I would go to take a picture of him, he would come toward it. So you will notice a lot of "closeups".
Second, a long while back we got Tristen that kids digital camera. So he decided he'd take pictures too. So we ended up with pics of all kinds of things, toes, ceiling, you name it. We were snapping pics so fast that some came out blurry and are no good. Here's what I could salvage:

Sitting at a computer with mouse at hand, remind you of anybody????

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