Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Coby!!!!


wls513 said...

Outstanding! Well done! What a way to say Happy Birthday to your son. Me too Happy Birthday Coby. We love you.

Coby Shields said...

Thanks Mom, that means alot. I know you must have spent alot of time on that. There are some pics on there that I haven't seen for years. I was talking to Corey and I asked if he noticed that I was throwing up the (W) westside in the family photo in nan's living room. I guess it wouldn't be a family photo if I wasn't clowing around. Here are some more notes as I watch the photos roll by.
-One of my fav's is the recent one of Corey, Chase, and I. I have that one as my background on my laptop.
-The one of me cutting the ice cream cake shows how difficult those cakes can be when they are still solid. {that's also the same look that I have on my face when I'm struggling on the well nevermind}
-I do like the little three piece grey suit I'm wearing when I was little for Danny and Vicki's wedding. That was Pimp
-That snoopy sweatshirt was my favorite shirt to wear.
-Sarge actually took the one of Linds, Sarge, and I in our trailblazer. That was on the way home from christmas one year.
-I've gained a ton of weight since graduating the Air Force Academy,
-I've lost a ton of weight since graduating the Police Academy.
-Where did you get the pic of me in the yellow shirt? That was taken at the Buckle.
-Ahhh... respect for law camp, who knew.? I had a blast at those!
-Mitch looks like he's trying to take you home in the pic at J's wedding.
-How many time's have we sat by the fire half naked at nan's waiting on our pants to dry?
-Cody Mitchell's shirt says Hello My Name is Slut (side note)
-Who let me rent a white tux for prom? That was rediculous!

Thanks Mom, I Love You!!

Cathy Shields said...

See Mom still has some surprises!!
Love you too!!!