Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Big One

Monday was my 50th birthday. No, I don't feel any different. And I seem to tell everyone I know so I guess it's no big deal. I got flowers at work from Mom & Johnny and Jeff brought me a chocolate on chocolate decorated birthday cake. That was a real surprise since in all the 3 months I have worked there, nobody gets a cake for their birthday. I guess I am special. We had my little get together at Mom's and she had me the cutest ice cream cake with a buzzard sitting on a tombstone. (I will share pics when I get them.....they are in Mom's camera and her computer is down)
I got lots of cool stuff....a Wii fit, Rayman & Rayman 2 for the Wii (I have spent hours on that already), 3 count em 3 pairs of shoes (some flip fop sketchers with blue polka dots, a pair of yellow sandals to go with my many yellow dresses, and a pair of brown sketchers that are adorable), and 3 beautiful boyd's bears. The funny here is that the box I unwrapped was a beer box. You should have seen the look on my face when I came to that! It housed my three bears though nicely. Mom thought she'd get me and she did. From my wonderful hubby I got a beautiful pearl necklace and matching earrings and a card he had made that made me cry. From Chase I got some sweet pea bath and body splash and body lotion. And while in Nauvoo I got a great card from Tristen and Trevor that Tristen made (those are the best!!) and 4 shirts from Corey and Nicole. (by the way...Nicole I have worn all but the yellow and absolutely love them, thanks again.....yellow today) They also took me out for dinner for my birthday. Coby called me bright and early on Monday morning to wish me happy birthday. So I had a great bday. And turning the big 5 0 really didn't bother me like I thought it would. I am still as young as I feel. And though my body lets me know I am not as young as I used to be, I still am not ready for the old folks home! I hope the fact that I have fallen three times in the last month is no indication of my age as Chase kindly suggested. I think each of my spills had a legitimate excuse.
Other things....
Last Friday I went to Nauvoo where Corey and Nicole and kids were already at. Cindy Cunningham's youngest daughter, Hillary got married. I was late for the reception (ok I got lost) and got there just in time to see Hillary and Jake before they left. Hillary was beautiful!!! It was good to see old friends even for a little while. I came home on Saturday. And speaking of Saturday, Chase made his way home late Saturday night and is done with summer camp for this summer. You should have seen the van packed to the gills! Chase came back with a great tan since he was a lifeguard at their lake. And I think he enjoyed it alot.
I have now been on my job for 3 months and can get on their insurance which will be nice. But I am more comfortable there now and joke around with all the guys. I can say that I really enjoy it. The work is all book work and not stressful at all, which is a real nice change. It is real fast pace and I am very busy at work. I had so much catch up to do that I feel like I am finally getting there. It has been an adjustment to being away from home for the 8-5 thing though. Since I worked from home I could plan around things before. But it is good for me now.


Darryl and Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!! You should have said something on Saturday. I would have sung to you. You forgot your flowers though. :-) It was so good to see you and Nicole and Corey! His boys are beautiful! I wish we could have spent more time visiting. I was starting to feel the heat of the day, and a little "stretched" by that time. I am so glad you came though, and so sorry you got lost. I am sure I will be in Indiana in May for my neices wedding. We will catch up then. For now, I am glad we have blogs!

beckyk said...

How the time was flown. I still remember turning 16 and getting our drivers license. Remember my first car. A Metropolitin and having to pust it to get it going, because the starter was out. Happy Birthday. Becky